Statistics seminars for 2011

Semester 1

Date Presenter Title Abstract
2 May Mr Kim Colyvas
The University of Newcastle

Statistical Support Service - Past, Present and Future [Click to show or hide]
30 May Prof Dominique Haughton
Bentley University and Université Toulouse I

Living Standards Analytics - Three Illustrative Examples [Click to show or hide]

Semester 2

Date Presenter Title Abstract
1 Jul Dr Chuang
Taipei Medical University

Systems Theory and Health Care: Crossing the Quality Chasm [Click to show or hide]
4 Jul Dr Patrick McElduff
Hunter Medical Research Institute

Cluster randomised trials - what do you do when there is a small number of clusters? [Click to show or hide]
5 Aug Mr Barrie Stokes
The University of Newcastle

Maximum Entropy Alternatives to Pearson Family Distributions [Click to show or hide]
9 Sep Dr John Best
The University of Newcastle

A Two-Part Talk: 1. Tests for Latin Squares and 2. Tests for Randomized Block Categorical Data [Click to show or hide]
14 Oct Dr Darfiana Nur
The University of Newcastle

Nonlinear Time Series Modelling in Bionformatics and Finance: Bayesian Perspectives [Click to show or hide]
4 Nov Chris Oldmeadow
Hunter Medical Research Institute

Bayesian Networks: overview and two applications in health and genetics [Click to show or hide]

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