Statistics seminars for 2014

Semester 1

Date Presenter Title Abstract
31 Mar Dr James Brown
University of Technology Sydney

Adjusting for dependence in dual-system estimation: experiences for the UK Censuses [Click to show or hide]
16 May Dr Robert King
The University of Newcastle

L-Moments and the Quantile Statistical Universe [Click to show or hide]
6 Jun Mr Barrie Stokes
The University of Newcastle

Nested Sampling: How it Works and why it’s Good [Click to show or hide]

Semester 2

Date Presenter Title Abstract
5 Aug Mr Muhammad Khan
The University of Newcastle

Transmuted families of lifetime distributions with mixture and covariates regression modelling to analyse survival data [Click to show or hide]
8 Aug Mr Jim Irish
The University of Newcastle

Statistical analyses of surname counts [Click to show or hide]
5 Sep Dr Elizabeth Stojanovski
The University of Newcastle

Bayesian approach to Multivariate Methods [Click to show or hide]
19 Sep Prof John Rayner
The University of Newcastle

Some Fresh Ideas in Elementary Nonparametrics [Click to show or hide]

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