Statistics seminars for 2015

Semester 1

Date Presenter Title Abstract
10 Apr A/Prof Jake Olivier
University of NSW

Operationally defined effect size recommendations for the odds ratio and relative risk [Click to show or hide]
24 Apr Dr Justin Wishart
University of NSW

Non/semiparametric regression methods for group testing data [Click to show or hide]
3 Jun Prof David Warton
University of NSW

The case of the missing model: the modernisation of multivariate analysis in ecology [Click to show or hide]

Semester 2

Date Presenter Title Abstract
10 Sep Assoc Prof Peter Howley
The University of Newcastle

Control charts using Bayesian methods [Click to show or hide]
11 Sep Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie
University of Wollongong

Multivariate geostatistics [Click to show or hide]
17 Sep Mr Muhammad Khan
The University of Newcastle

Transmuted Weibull distribution with covariates regression modelling to analyse survival data [Click to show or hide]
30 Oct Garth Tarr
The University of Newcastle

Interactive and data adaptive model selection with mplot [Click to show or hide]

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