Statistics seminars for 2016

Semester 1

Date Presenter Title Abstract
4 Feb Associate Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin
The University of Newcastle

Treatment trials using samples with comorbid mental health and substance use problems: Challenges and opportunities [Click to show or hide]
19 Feb Dr Ian Renner
The University of Newcastle

Species distribution modelling through point process models and extensions [Click to show or hide]
4 Mar Professor Eric Beh
The University of Newcastle

A Short History of Data Visualisation: A Single Variable [Click to show or hide]
18 Mar Dr Ali Eshragh
The University of Newcastle

Fisher information, stochastic processes and generating functions [Click to show or hide]
15 Apr Dr Norou Diawara
Old Dominion University

Supervised classification using copula and mixture copula [Click to show or hide]
29 Apr Mr Barrie Stokes
The University of Newcastle

Nested Sampling and its "Central Problem" [Click to show or hide]
13 May Garth Tarr
The University of Newcastle

Data visualisation, interactive data analysis, statistical programming [Click to show or hide]
3 Jun A/Prof Rachel Heath
The University of Newcastle

Multifractal dynamics of activity data in Bipolar Disorder: Techniques for predicting episode risk [Click to show or hide]
17 Jun Toufiq Al Gheilani
The University of Newcastle

Exploring Value-Added Models for Omani Higher Education Institutions [Click to show or hide]

Semester 2

Date Presenter Title Abstract
2 Sep Dr Robert King
The University of Newcastle

Statistics for robot soccer [Click to show or hide]
16 Sep Dr Frank Tuyl
The University of Newcastle

On the multinomial, priors and zero counts [Click to show or hide]
21 Oct Jonathon Love
The University of Tasmania

jamovi: an attractive, free and open alternative to SPSS and R [Click to show or hide]
18 Nov Prof John Rayner
The University of Newcastle

New Cochran–Mantel–Haenszel Results [Click to show or hide]
16 Dec Mr Irlandia Ginanjar
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

Investigating Demographic Features and the Transportation Industry in Indonesia Using Correspondence Analysis [Click to show or hide]

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